Using the Tableau Web Data Connector

The Tableau Web Data Connector provides a connection so that the Tableau software can communicate with the Archer Content API.

  1. Provide the connector with your regular Archer account credentials.
  2. Note: The URL syntax for the connector site depends on your specific environment and on how Archer was installed, but always ends in .../Connectors/Tableau.aspx. The number of levels and aliases that appear in the list depends on the permissions that correspond with your Archer user account settings.

  3. Type a search term in the Search box to find specific items in the list. As you type, the number of levels and aliases in the list reduces. Search terms are not case-sensitive, and it is not necessary to include the underscore ( _ ) character.
  4. Click plus (+) or minus (–) next to a level to expand or collapse it. You cannot use plus or minus to expand or collapse a level until all aliases in the level are unselected.
  5. Click an individual alias within a level to select or unselect it. Clicking a level selects or unselects all aliases within the level.
  6. The plus and minus symbols change color according to whether there are any selected aliases in a level:

    • Green - All aliases are selected.
    • Black - No aliases are selected.
    • Red - Some, but not all, aliases are selected.
  7. Click the following Actions links to change the appearance of the list:
    • Select All - Selects all visible items.
    • Unselect All - Unselects all visible items.
    • Expand All - Expands all levels.
    • Collapse All - Collapses all levels except those in which not all aliases are selected.
  8. When you have completed your item selection, click Send to Tableau.
  9. (Optional) Click Reload Metadata to refresh the level and alias list. Doing this clears all existing level and alias selections.